Sunday, April 19, 2009

I bought my website!

It's official - I am not the proud owner of! For the moment, until it can be developed, it links to the Etsy store front. I kept hearing mixed reactions from people on the pros and cons of an independent website (mostly pros), and decided at $20 a year, I did not have much to lose. Living with a graphic design/web professional also helps the cause! Anyway, it's less expensive than, which is another online venue I am looking in to selling through. In other news, I am also now listing on and posted several items there yesterday:

If there is one thing I have underestimated on this whole venture, it is the amount of time spent promoting it on line, and the new website marks my SIXTH online presence for Divine String Theory. The next step is to reach the rosary and religious jewelry (and non-religious jewelry) market with all this - wish me luck!


  1. I tried to comment earlier, but it doesn't seem to have posted. Anyway, beautiful work. I know what you mean about marketing and promoting being time consuming. It gets a little easier.


  2. Hi TJB - thanks for the compliments, both on my work and by following the blog. I love your work on Etsy, and have an unexplained weakness for samplers so I joined your blog too!

    I hope it gets easier with the promo stuff because I'm finding I spend almost more time on that then on making beads.