Thursday, April 16, 2009

So, here I am on my first trip in to the blogoshpere - in any capacity. "Divine String Theory", in a sense came in to being about a year and a half ago, after I purchased a beautiful Anglican Rosary in an online auction. Upon receipt, my second thought - after "these are beautiful" - was "I can definitely make these, and it might be fun". Within a couple of weeks, I found myself in one of the countless beading supply shops in Manhattan purchasing tools and supplies to get started and try my hand at it. One night, I was half watching a Nova episode on String Theory (big mistake to try to half watch something like that, btw) sitting in the living room stringing away beads, near my partner Vincent who was actually paying attention to the show. I was just catching random words like "spectrum" "surfaces" "dimensions" "strings" "super-strings" and turned to Vincent and said "if this ever turns in to a business I should call it Divine String Theory". We both laughed it off. Shortly after that I sold several pairs to friends from church, gave some for gifts, sold a few on ebay. I never realized the prices I felt the rosaries deserved on ebay and just put it aside for awhile. Then, a little over a month ago, Vincent's mother told him about the Etsy website. Hmmm...Santa had brought me a slick new camera for Christmas, I had a box full of finished Anglican and Catholic rosaries sitting around in need of good homes and hands and some extra cash couldn't hurt so what the heck. And here we are. And here is some of my work.

Aside from here, Flickr, and Etsy, you can also follow my work on Facebook.

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