Monday, July 20, 2009

New for the Week of July 19th

It was a pretty busy weekend around here, but I managed to put a few things together. I especially enjoyed making some new Bead for Life pieces - specifically four 24" necklaces that can also be used as triple strand bracelets on the average wrist. The focal points are the recycled paper beads made by the Ugandan women in the Bead for Life program, which I posted about earlier this year. I separated them by color and carefully chose accent pieces that compliment and really let the BFL beads stand out. In keeping with the unique nature of the beads themselves, I broke away from symmetry (tough thing for a Virgo designer, trust me) and strung the beads in an off centered and random fashion. There is no rhyme or reason, just what felt right in each creative moment. As mentioned previously, a portion of the net proceeds are donated back to Bead for Life - in addition to the contribution already made by me purchasing the beads. Until next time, here are some photos - and, please tell everyone you know about Bead for Life!

If your colors were like my dreams - red, gold and green!

Copper, turquoise and tangerine dream

Mellow blues and yellows

Pink and purple haze


  1. Tim,
    I have admired your work on Etsy, and I look forward to following your blog posts.