Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New for The Week of July 6th

I look at these post dates and I can't believe how much time passes between them! You always hear that time flies, and I am experiencing that every time I log on here! Just wanted to take a moment and share pictures of some new pieces made over the July 4th weekend.

One of my favorites is the orange and green Bead for Life necklace that I made for a co-worker of mine who has become one of my best customers :) I have mentioned BFL in a previous post and I have sold several pieces privately, which raises awareness for this beautiful program. I'm happy to say that I also have a custom inquiry for a BFL rosary!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work. Links are active for the items I have already listed and will activate the rest when I list them:

Copper Celtic Knot Anglican-Episcopal Rosary

Gray Stone Bracelet w/Nail Cross Charm

Custom Bead for Life Necklace for LG

Custom Bead for Life Necklace for LG

Carnelian Hebrew Chai Charm Bracelet

Wood and Abolone Shell Anglican-Episcopal Rosary

Purple and Gold Glass Anglican-Episcopal Rosary

Jasper and Soapstone Scarab Anglican-Episcopal Rosary

Red Glass and Amazonite Anglican-Episcopal Rosary

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