Monday, March 1, 2010

Life after Facebook

As mentioned in my last post, I gave up Facebook for Lent this year. Anyone who knows me is aware of my propensity to banter and muse at an alarmingly frequent level and I am often told by my friends that they look forward to my posts for a good chuckle if not a split in the side. The good thing about Facebook is that in it's own capacity it keeps me connected with people who are genuinely near and dear to me - cousins, siblings, uncles, old friends, new friends - but what happens is you go on for one thing and it just spirals from there. I guess for me it's kind of like being the compulsive shopper who walks in to a store for one thing and leaves with enough for three people. Anyway, I decided to give it up all together except for Sundays (which are feast days in lent and exempt from your fast), going on only to update the DST fan page. I love the sense of peace that the free time has brought to me. I write in my journal more, read more, seeing friends in person more, and of course beading a whole lot more. My last post mentioned being in a better place to concentrate on my business and I am feeling better about it every day. Over the past two weeks I was lucky enough to have five sales - two of which were custom orders. And, a friend of mine from High School (re-connected for almost two years via...Facebook) has ordered two custom first communion pieces for her son and goddaughter and also passed on my information to a friend who's son is in CCD class with her's. All of this is certainly encouraging and I am looking forward to continuing the momentum. I took some of the money from the recent sales and ordered some great parts from some of my favorite sites, and will be posting some new work soon. For now, here is some work made over the last week or so (I've been busy!).

Anglican rosary - brown/gray mottled jasper with orange painted wood and copper accents

Anglican rosary - black onyx and black/blue blown glass with black stone cross

Catholic one decade pocket rosary - smoky quartz and desert jasper

Catholic one decade pocket rosary - blue/gray labradorite

Anglican rosary - brown mottled jasper with carved animal bone and wood Celtic cross - a personal favorite!

Anglican rosary - wood with red glass

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter in to Spring

I'll have to check back and see, but four months between postings might be a new personal worst for me and the DST blog. I suppose it's not without good reason since there has been so much going on around here. We had a great Christmas vacation and New Year and took off to Williamsburg, VA for the week in between the two. The new job is going quite well and I am finally feeling confident and relaxed enough to concentrate on beading again. To further commit to that, I have decided to give up Facebook for Lent, specifically so I can free up creative energy for making prayer beads among other things that I miss out on on account of spending too much time there. On one hand I believe Facebook is a great thing - I have made and re-connected with some very genuine friendships. On the other though, I spend far too much time on there when I could be concentrating on a better balance in my life like spending time beading, being with my partner, reading and learning from a good book - just freeing up creative energy by combating avoidance. I hope and pray that it leads to better habits!

Below are some photos of recent work with a couple of them being tried with new "staging". Also, I have decided to concentrate on Anglican rosaries since I am finding they sell better but more on that later.

Mother of Pearl with Wood Anglican Rosary

Desert Jasper and Faceted Onyx Anglican Rosary

Wood and Copper Anglican Rosary (sold the day after I put it up!)

Red Coral Catholic Christmas Rosary

Quartz and porcelain Saint Theresa Catholic Rosary (sold this one and got a custom order for an identical one decade (: )